Sunday, November 28

NO one gets a set heads up!

Rise and shine! Sunday bloody Sunday… well no in fact I was in bed sleeping 02 so am feeling energized and rested!

The heads up tournament started out well, won my first match and then had to wait 1.5 hrs for my next one and see here I think my opponent already started to rig the whole thing. During the waiting time everything was already written in stone. Betsafe lounge, yes you heard me, full of booze games and nice people and sweet Saraha. BTW who was that sexy tall finish (?) guy? Come on is there even hunk’s in Finland ?, se on learn something new each day, hallelujah!

Soooo after a few waters  there it was time for my second game, and yea ofc Erik from Betsafe was on the other side of the table. Amazing value, how did he win his first game?

That’s was also my first question, he said he sucked out so fair enough, I already here decided to give him a few walks, to make him happy.

Well the day to honor I had my golden shirt on so what can possible go wrong, also Erik gave me some really good tip before we start. No ONE has a set in heads up. Thanks. I really must thank Betsson crew and the entire casino for being on MY side, and wuupti Betssons formidable VIP manager our very own sidebet master genius maniac, the crazy Norwegian brought us vintage beers on silver plate. The whole casino stopped and the main event was far back in peoples mind like a blurry cloud, on the agenda was only one thing.

Anna beating Erik.

Ok, well however as no one get a set in Heads up I thought I did very well. But a flush cannot beat a full house, not even in Italy. So when the naughty little ugly 3 of hearts hit the river, only hearts that couldn’t come, bhaaaa, not only did I get my flush but Erik his full house. So NH GG well done.

Erik won, Anna lost, MY GOD it hurts sooo bad to say that, but right is to be right!

Now time to get walking shoes on and take Tess out and also grab a coffe somewhere and later on Venezia Casino for Sunday tour and there amazing Buffet, no one can bust before dinner break its just as sure as no one get set Heads up, so ok NOW I jinxed this one too.. merde.. When will I ever learn?

Isn't he sweet, in his new golden lucky shirt?

Hep hep

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