Saturday, November 27

GSOP Malta - Heads Up side Event!

Its been so many good live event in Malta last few months and hence winning the Malta madness tournament in September I got ofc the thrill back playing poker, I had a very long break before that one.

Right now we have the GSOP going on and I really must hand it to Ongame in close cooperation with some of the partners on Ongame, that they done a super good job. Its good organized and small little extra things that really makes difference. I beliave Betsson is the ones doing a really good job here so Thumps up to Heidi, Tellef and the rest, very well done!! And since everyone knows i complain just about anything... its a huge compliment :)!

Betsafes lounge upstairs where also a cool place for players to hang out and Saraha and the lads doing it really good entertaining their players.

The side events where not so good structure so I passed on them, and main event I didn’t plan to play, one can’t play every 1000 plus tour coming here, or I can’t, unless I sell% or do a deal so one have to pick among them. However GSOP are having a side event that are heads up tournament with max 64 participants, and as one can’t so often find these Heads up live tours I though it be a good practice as well as good fun, so am registered for that one starting 20.00 tonight and my seating is Table 1 Seat 1 and I take that as a good sign and jinx myself already YAY!!
GL to ME!

GSOP main event is still being played and my freind Erik Smith is on my nr one list to take this one down! He plays very steady and won a side event to the IPT few weeks back, so go get em! And besides i was there earlier giving him 'skruuuub' bananas so how can he NOT win???

Toss em in!


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