Thursday, October 14

Girls poker training

Living in Malta and being quite active on the poker scene here i figure it’s time to defend the colors, and get some more chicks ready for the coming Ladys Event at Malta Poker Open. We can’t have any gorgeous models to fly in and just win it no no…. the rock is ours!

We have accepted the challenge so keep on the practice girls!

Said and done, a few days ago I had the first event in my home and we were 15 girls, 10 playing and 4 that acted as coaches helping out on decisions and yes ofc, filling up the wine glasses. We all have our skills and one of the coaches had her own tactic getting her protégé to win and I surly must agree that Sofia with no doubt are the best wineglass filer ever as so many chicks went home quite tipsy and the chit chat level during the evening was quite high! XLBet had sponsored with a first price, entry to Ladys event and other prices where sponsored by me and Sobar/No4 a bar restaurant where the welcome party for the Malta poker event will be held and also a place owned by 3 close Friends, two of them very well-known Danish poker players, ‘Kipster” and “Jesper P “

Am not saying it’s an easy task this, but be sure we are going to be ready J and sweet lord do we have fun!! But don’t be surprised if there be some strange calls as the hands value seems to be the hardest thing, the best comment of the night and a real epic one goes to all our sweet lovely Fran:
-But Sofia, why can't I make a straight with Q, K, A, 2, 3..? It is 5 cards and you said 5 cards make a straight...

And in all fairness… its not bad thinking it shows something indeed is going on! And it is, we are going to have a few more sessions and then let’s bring it on!

Coming Wednesday its time for next event, but this time it be 10 experienced female players from the island and we will be playing for 3 tickets to lady’s event ( so far), sponsored by Mermaidpoker and Powerpoker.

Below few pics… : )

Until next time, Toss em in and hope for the best!


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