Friday, October 22

Girls drunk poker evening!

So it was time, time for the more experienced girls to take seat in Colley casa.
And it turns out they were more experienced in more than one thing. For an example drinking more wine, I make it my pride to never be empty on such things but here I have to admit that I miscalculated because in fact all my wine storage besides a few bottles of well hidden expensive red wines are left. With this said, i am glad, because all storage needs cleaning once in a while and what can be better doing so an ordinary Wednesday with some chicks and poker : )!
Well if you have a better time, let me know.

And it can’t only be Sofia’s fault as she actually was there on both occasions, even though am pretty sure without her we all be drinking water, she is such a life saver our Sofia! Never seen anyone with such an eye for a glass being just below half full and wuuptu she is there, I don’t even have to pay her for these excellent waitress skills it’s built in her like super natural. Yay! We all love Sofia . Maybe little less day after but we truly love her right there, right then.

The poker?

Yea right, ok, hmm well.. we destroyed 2 deck of cards, made 70% of the chips wet with wine, ended up splitting the small added pot we all contributed too when 3 left because everyone where too drunk .. There where peanuts everywhere and the table poker cloth is now circulating around for the third time in my washing machine….yes poker at Colley Casa is always interesting!
BTW who gave my dog all that food so she had to go out early in the morning, there are rules girls, rules!!

However, neither the less we had 4 seats to Malta Poker Open sponsored from different sites, Mermaidpoker sponsored 2 seat, Powerpoker one and Betsafe the last one, so big thank you to these sites for thinking just as us… the rock is ours and no beauty’s with designer sunglasses can come and take it away from us! Basta. Even though I think if we let Sofia lose on the day of the Ladys event running around the tables with drinks for us, we are doomed. But doomed in a good way that is since what better way to go down is there then to the taste of alcohol and a buzz dizz in your brain and just say ok this is over – what’s next?

But.. am pretty convinced we going to defend the colors on our little rock very well, reading the villain’s blog am pretty convinced we have a rock winner well deserved to win! And we also decided we all play with tiara as I heard a rumor that’s the price anyway so we just make it easier for the boys at XL bet to crown us! Yay.. always wanted a tiara… *dreamish look in my eyes*

And for yours all amusement, some pictures below, however it was not many of them I can actually dare to make public since for some reason and I have really no clue who said this *rooling my eyes* we kind of got some insider information that the 3 gorgeous girls arriving to our little rock have good attributes and we did some training on how to make our own attributes (read boobs) could look little more impressive, yes this is what we did when we were 4 left, so you who left might know to next time, stick around to the bitter end, it be worth it!

But as they say it’s not the size that matters, not that much anyway. And in poker it’s the one with most chips I end who wins anyway : )

Toss em in!


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