Wednesday, September 29

Malta Madness day 2

We started of 27 players and I really did not have a very good stack and getting absolutely no cards, so a lot of folding and some re steals, that’s all. But in good mood feeling very patient and just taking things cool.

When being 16 left I picked up 1010 in a mid position, in an already raised pot, I called to see a flop and was lucky to hit a set against a guy that had a flush draw ( initial raiser folded saying after wards he had JJ, lucky me as a J hit on turn ) we ended all in and no flush so there I felt I got a break and actually was with an ok stack to do some more moves. Viktor Dedek that I had on my table from start day 1 and also after a while on day 2 as well really took the lead, he got some serious nice pots with half good hands and knocked ppl out one by one, well done : )

At final table I sat down with 3 th biggest stack and a few really low stacked, I suggested we made a deal that nr 9 will be paid as well, at least buy in back, I think in these bigger events FT should really all be paid. Everyone agreed so bubble got quite painless, I actually looooove playing bubble games so bhaaa… : )

Quote from : Chip leader Luca, continued to play his aggressive style, but soon was increasingly crossing swords with Viktor and Anna who had been consistently building her stack through aggressive raises & re-raises.

Yes true, he was very aggressive but a very good player so know how to fold, I did several re raises against him and he respected them. Also took one big pot where I raised pre he re raised and I pushed, he thought long and folded, those pots matters a lot on this stage as it’s a lot of chips involved. We have not been seated on same table until FT so he had no idea how I play or me him for that matter, not more than i already know he have some massive respectful results in his back. In all fairness I had shity hands for two days and then on FT it all changed and I got much better hands and also connected flops. Then poker is so much easier : )

Really impressed by Luca’s play though and also a very humble and nice personality, with no doubt the best player on the Final table but was very unlucky against me with his AA where I hit another K on flop holding KK, but its poker, ce’ la vie, and no one of us could do anything, played itself but yes that was a K that cost him 10 k Euros for sure. We were down to 3 players and blinds are 22 000, I sit with perhaps 300k so definitely nothing to even put a second thought to. Been a lot of fuzz about that hand as well as my winning hand against Dedek, people saying I was very lucky, yea I WAS in 2 hands, but they forget I played 20 hrs of poker to get to those hands, that both happened in the very last hr of the tournament.

And very big thanks to my Emma who so loyal was with me all final table play handing over very strong rum and coke drinks, bless ya babe, without you I probably busted earlier and thirsty as well so must say it was a win win situation! We headed out for some breakfast with 20k in my handbag, that was a bit stupid bit on the other hand the trophy I got I could actually have killed someone with as it was shaped I a funny way and extremely sharp, so not that worried after all. Taxi driver looked a bit big eyed when I pulled out the envelope with 20 000 euro in order to pay the ride, and I was quite drunk so bless him for avoiding getting stabbed by my trophy!

Quote from : Her style of play drew many comparisons with Annette Obrestad, so we may have discovered the next Scandinavian female poker superstar. Congratulations to Anna.

Ha ha but LOL! Am not in any senses close to play as good poker as Annette but yea thx! Am blushing!

Hep hep!


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