Tuesday, April 8

Back at it!


Well first of all.. thanks for those of you who keep logging on and checking if i post blogg and not or actually as well mail me and say: come on give us some smiles! Well i been very bad in updating here, times just seem to run off :-)

I went to australia yea.... had great time!
Here are some memories:

-the day i jumped on a local buss not having a clue on where it will take me and i end up playing footie with some kids in a park and bought icecream for all of them :-) it was nice and kids are great, very spontanious. but when they wanted me to go surfing with them i thought my sport activites for that day was reached, so i grap a taxi back to civilisation, i didnt realise how far out i was and the taxi ended up costing a fortune but hey hoe, smile on kids faces make up for a lot!

- the sexy guy with the most appealing tatto on his left underarm that played cash table with me for 4 hrs is a sweet memorie aswell. He flirted open and crazy, straight out with no shame in his body hahahaha,, he probarbly was 15 yrs younger then me but hey hoe, who cares! We shared some breakfast leaving the casino in the morning and i kindly and polite said no to his suggestion to give me some massage in my big bed, lol, come on, it isnt THAT easy! Armin if you read this, i lost your mail can you pls buzz me :-)

- must also be visiting the IMAX with dear Lilja, sweetest girl from Denmark that actually anyday now must been a mother, i really should try to get hold of her, yea i should. I will! but i changed SIM card in january and lost a lot of my numbers. Lilja if you read this... buzz me!

- Seeing the photos taken from above placed in the park, there are some pics on it in earlier postings. Absolutley amazing photos and i really wish i bought a book about it but i will get one, looking in that book is like travelling in your own sofa! amazing pictures.

Anyway, i havent written since, and its several months, not that my life stand still, it never really does but i be better from now on, i promise.

Anna & Tess

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