Saturday, November 17

Waterford Winter Festival 2007


Travelling shoes are back on and got Irish soil underneath.

Almost missed my flight, what’s new eh? But finally in Dublin I met “flushdraw” aka tony and we get the car out and drove down to Waterford. Thanks for the company Tony, nice with some company, where supposed to have 2 Danish in the car to but they never turned up.

Friday 16, Day one Main event:

15 000 starting stack
1 H clock

Started off well, first 3 hours of play I managed to spin my stack up to 74 k! Had absolutely no good hands but decided to play as I had, after a couple of calls where I have to show the table realises I got a very wide range of hands and it got a bit harder to mess around  but I was chipleader and that’s good enough. But all good last short, I got AA cracked and lost a huge pot, hand after I had to lay down JJ after both big prebet and flop bet. Then I tilted away another 20 K of HUNGER, cant believe as hotel don’t serve things to eat. Anyway down to 45 k and stayed there long, -+ 10 k. Fair enough. Droped in the end, couldn’t keep my focus up without some energy to the body and brain and ended up bagging 37 k for tomorrows game. Average is 24K so better go out there and do some job pretty quick. And I will, we are seated same table as we break and that’s an ok table, full of potential double up possibilities.

Am dead tired now its 07 here and I have to stay awake another hour to get breakfast and play resume at 14:00.

Just when we started off 19:30 to play 8 levels a 1 hr.

Nickey Power " my bro" a steady MTT player and STT shark.

Matty behind his glases trying to figure out how to doubble up

John in safe company with Mrs Smurphy, Mr Smurphy was at my table.

Noel Hayes / Operating manager PaddyPower, big smiling and shouting "coctails, coctails" every 5 minutes, and as far as i know, he is still seated on the cashtables :-) right now.07.57............

Vera, my favourite irish girl! A smashy grand lady!!

Last these three lads where seated at same table it was Irish open! Good craic!

Tomas "Bomber" Nolan. Never dull moment with this lad around!

C4Q signing off.....

hep hep


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