Monday, October 29

Hoho.. travelling shoes again.
Dublin- EPT.

In my hotel now, packed, showered and ready to go trough mail and such. And yes for all you who wonder.. i did find 2 pair of glases and 4 teaddy bears!! lol

am crazy for those two things on airports, BUT there are rules, sunglases cant cost more then 20 $ ish and the Teaddybears need to fit in my collection of "looking old sad and cuddly" and in need of new owner :-)

Later in the evening off to the supersatellite on the Jackpot, where i will meet up with some other danish players and a big bunch of my Dublin lads!! :-) Cant wait to see you all again lads. Lets get on the piss on of the night eh.. Queen aint in town THAT often, just once a month or so ...Hep Hep.

Miss Tee Tee so i could die and also some other people but thats life and i will se them all again one just need to be petient

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Gambler_dk said...

Good to see you bloggin again. Were just about to remove my link to you, but now it stays. Hope to read more from you soon. :-)