Wednesday, August 8

Poker in Da CLub

We got a pokerclub here, witch am pretty much involved in running, however I been out from there last 4 months due to other things going on but this week I did a little come back ;-)

Monday I was out walking TT around 21 in the evening and a car stop, its 4 of my poker lads, in na funny little car, always makes me smile seeing it. They shout, -poker in da club, spontaneous NOW, we are doing a deepstack 20 k looooooooooong night. Then they left. Lol. Ok, so I decided to be in, arrived after almsot 2 blinds periods (20 min each) since I hade some things to wrap up at home first. Had a nice but very long tourney and ended second.

Day after that would be yesterday I had to go out to open up and help out starting things off and can just as well play then, also a deepstack tourney 15k. I think the first 2 hrs I played amazingly good poker, and its not easy to say that for me, am very critical. I took the right decisions went on top when I felt weakness, I played back, I played fairly aggressive for being beginning of a deepstack tourney and manage to build my stack to 45 k first two hours so I was satisfied with that. Then 2 guys arrived to my table that really play hard balls and wild poker, I had to change my game a bit and lost a few bigger pots so decided to calm down and wait out the game, it was very aggressive and they kind of took my game, lol, to play others hands instead of my own. But I ended taken both of those two out so why complain. First of them was a play from my side that I cant be 100% proud of but he had played so wild and showed any two all the time so I took a shoot and it went home, did a stupid call on the turncard where I should have folded, I didn’t at all have odds to call but had the stack to do so and did, I had only top pair with good kicker and there where really good straight cards on the board and he is known to play those middle cards so I shouldn’t have called, river came and even did it more possible for him to have a straight and I knew 100% I was beaten but what he had left to go all in with was to small for me to NOT call, so I did and won it on my top pair, he was bluffing all the way. Against the other one I flopped a set of deuces. And it was not really anything interesting more then he did a stupid play. Lol. He raise pre with 68 off, I call with my pocket duces, he hit nothing on flop and insta stick his stack in that was around 25k!!, plenty of time to do something with those 20 k. BB was only 300.
I insta call of course and everyone knows it, “deuces never loses” lol.

I won the tournament, but must also say I got very lucky in one hand where I had JJ. We where 3 left, smallest stack raises 4 times BB and I got a big stack and push all in to get number 3 out of the pot. Number 3 says all in, and he got a few k more then me so I am covered. WTF??? Small stack that are really small now folds his way to bigger money. So my JJ is up against the big brothers KK, merde. But flop bring out a J and then I got 85 % of the chips and the rest is just a few more hands and I take them out.

And my best advice, get a mentor. It has changed my way of thinking and my way of attacking situation and take advatage of position and weakness. And i think he likes being my mentor too, am nice and fun ;-) or?

Its a win win situation. Bin bin´s and mentor FTW.

Hasta Luego Baby!
Taking TT out and then off out to have lunch.

C4Q & TT

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