Friday, October 2

A piss taker, HOT parrot and a furry lapdance


I should write about the ladies night at casino yesterday as it was weird, the mid age was around 65 and the game.. well.. lets say i wish they come for a proper tour!

I made finaltable even though it was the weirdest game i ever played. EVERY hand and even in hands, they discussed among themslefs what they folded and showing cards to the left and right. Hillarious i mean i cant tell a 70 yrs old to ******** and shape up. Well floor manager that i know very well asked me before the game, pls anna just take it as a joke its most first time playing, i give you a bottle of champagne.
- sooo who am i to be rude and say no?

so i looked at gran kids pictures in their phones and said ohhhh how pretty she is, and it wes a he. WTF, they all look the same small anyway, wrinkled and old looking!
And i said ohhh and ahh and this and that. ... ect ect
I got some cooking recepies on rabbit.
Ty so so much.
I learned some new words. Sorry juha not for you, way too nice.

I bluffed more then i ever done ever in a tour before. I think i scared a few. But seriously, call call call call call... one called a min bet on river with the nuts.. wooot happened just here i said?

Well i asked for one more bottle to stand this shit, got it, and got tipsy so mission completed. Went to see my geeks behind the blue door, wanted to take em out for some beers but they where hooked on some war games and am more a loveeley dovleey girl so i left them doing their war thingheeeey and went out alone.

Anyway, am too tired and working like a maniac so these clips made me laugh hahahahahah, specially the first one!

Hahhahahaha listen to it! Its so funny!Or maybe am tired, could be. Who cares anyway. Mazeltow!

ah well.. at last he GETS shagged! FFS! ( no am not desperate, no no no no! but something wrong with my guestroom, people do it there all the time, maybe i should start sleeping there? its an idea.)

One of the 'exotic dancers' in one of local joints here on the rock posted this on her FB well am wondering a bit, was she googling lapdances to develop her self, and found this or what really happened here?
And dont ask why i have them on FB, i never go to these sinful places, they must just added random friends.

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