Wednesday, October 7

Copenhagen Get Ready!

Copenhagen GET READY! Am in town! Rockstars warning.... you know how it ended last time!

It started really well.. arrived to the casino hotel Monday 22:00, send the reception up with my bags and went straight to the bar, i mean i know how the rooms look at this hotel and going to get feed up of it anyway before Sunday!

Its Danish open and am here to work, and here is where it gets funny, work means in most cases,papers, computers ect, but in this case, it means mingling, drinking partying bhaaa.. hard life alright!

Yesterday was crazy funny! Danish people are good party people and we ended up in a shity little bar in Nyhavn singing along to the karaoke and long time since i laughed so much. Funny to see people that you normally see on poker tables all over the world just kick lose hahaha... i wish i dare to post some photos but i think i need to respect my mates and keep them for private occasions lol.

Got a vague memory we rang up Icebear in London doing some serious peptalk and advice about today's FT table hahaha.. yeaa quite sure he appreciated it enormously!

Also got a vague memory of some crazy sidebets about beard growth, like who got the longest beard in 15 day lol, so if you wanna see who between its just to watch the poker scene in Europe and look out for the hairy ones!

Anyway...a bit tired now, haven had a decent sleep for ages so room service is ordered and Mr laptop and i will crawl up in bed railing Icebear on Ept live.

Tonight am off with the gang to a local little poker club to play a 'hygge' tour and share some beers. Most of the gang plays EPT ish tours so this 300 Dk rebuy tour is not their biggest win or lose for sure but MAKE no mistake is deadly serious, there are sidebets going on worth a small car!
Poker players ARE fucked people :)

Tomorrow Danish Open main kicks off and we got 28 player starting :) maaanyy drinks phewwwaaaa!

Goooooo Goooooooo Pete!


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