Wednesday, March 3

Yea baby! Howl your way to Heads up!

The neighbours to my office that BTW are two great ladies that play a loooooot of live poker here in Malta. Well… they have two dogs. That’s great.

When they leave to go to a tour in any of the casinos, the dogs start to howl and bark for about 10 minutes, then I know, ok its some good poker going on tonight, I text and ask Dragonara or Portomaso, they answer and am feeling all informed and ready to rumble, one can say we worked out a pretty good routine for this.

Lucky enough office is also situated exactly in between of both casinos with a 5 min walk.

THIS scenario is exactly, no more no less, what happened last week and I ended up in a tournament with 36 players at one of the casinos here. I ended heads up in the end. Yea yea… then you know I didn’t won because if I did I would write that.

SO NOOO I didn’t win. I lost heads up against a French guy that kissed and hugged me TWICE after he won. WTF, HE won and he wants to kiss and hug ME too? Talking about playing with fire and asking for much! Jesus!

BUT I played a round of good poker so am ok with the second place, and I got a chance to study the human VERY odd behavior on this rock, and drink 6 beers so hey hoe who cares about winning.

I also managed to irritate a few Swedes, one Italian, 2 Maltese and one silly little brat from Norway so pretty much had a great evening and got paid for it! Ha!

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