Friday, February 26

Boobs & Poker @ EPT Copenhagen

Ohh yea i haven't reported back to you all about the Ladies tournament, yeaa well let’s say it was a good party. It indeed was. And yea i know, i get the good gigs :)

Who freaking cares about a 2678 Euro worth bag excising in only two exemplars. Would just booze it away anyway. Thank god I didn't win it, I would have feel so bad losing it.

I tried so so hard making a deal with Frida (Zupps girlfriend) who actually won in the end, that IF I win, I trade the bag for her hat or MÖSSA as we say in Swedish, I got a thing for MÖSSOR, maybe because the word is so sweet. Probably.
She desperately wanted the bag. BUT she didn’t wanna give up her MÖSSA. That tilted me a bit and I ended up fourth…..Big contratz to Frida, she played a well aggressive and stubborn game, note: she was also the only sober when 5 left. Good on her!

Lovley, funny and so down to earth Frida

BUT on my way I actually manage to do some true suck out’s and few bad beats…first against sweet sweet Denize (Neubuchads former girlfriend) WTF is this a GOSSIP Colum or WOOT?

Denise went all in on the button; I had the BB and looked down a pair of lovely fours. Somehow I just sensed the 4 will come, when you know that you can’t fold. I called. She had AA. Horrendously Shockingly the 4 didn’t come on the flop and I feel cheated on my instinct, but when it arrived on the river all was back to normal again. Day after someone where mumbling about a K4 later on but I can honestly say I don’t remember.

Sweetest girl around, Denize

Also the drinks around the poker table where a bit different then one ordinary sees on an EPT. As someone i know would had said about the boys side of the room: How Boring!

Most disgusting drinks around, eh ? Casino, ever heard about champagne for chicks?

My dear friend Emma, she is dear to me for many many reasons but one is she is never ever boring to be around, and she never says no to few drinks, dont matter when or where or how or what! We had a good time on the FT table during the tournament, in need of celebrating a side bet worth more then the fist price indeed. Two crazy Danish players that always have sidebets, did just that between My Emma and the other guys VIP manager, also Called Emma. He actually flew that Emma in from UK over the day only for this tournament and to beat MY emma out,but what where HE thinking?

Emma finished 3 th and got 10k Danish for that, well done!

BTW, Jesper 'Kipster' Hougaard (two bracelet winners in same year and one in WSOP one in WSOPE) that lost the 'Emma' bet, against Jesper P (Jesper finished 8 th on EPT FT CPH this year) actually lost another side bet against his own brother, a last longest, the one losing had to clean the other ones apartment i saw a very nice video made about it yesterday! I more or less laughed so i cried.

My pretty darling Emma! <3

As I said it indeed was a great pre party and all sudden we were in a group of blonds with some boobs issues, but who complains. Not me.

Clearly a logotype problem going on here or woot?

A party bus took us to club middle of Copenhagen and the utz utz where a clear statement!
Tilt, aces, fours and kings AND bags AND MÖSSOR (maybe not the MÖSSA :( ) long forgotten and blonds everywhere!

Nooooo comments :)

Thanks to the great Danish poker media, pokernyhederne for taking the pictures so i could steal them, love & peace, drinks on me!


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