Monday, July 7

Pictures :-)

Tess and i have found our best best place so far to walk, its a huge walking district with lots of differnt trails and paths, there is good water as well as dirty shity water, and yea.. Tess loves it all!

Loads of dogs as well, so it really is a nice place to walk your dog and let it play with others if you want. And if one dont want to play with dogs all the time one just talk a walk up in Forrest, just keep in mind that crazy mountain bikers swiss by you like maniacs lol. Just awaiting the day when Mr right will hit Tess and i have to invite him home for gevalia coffee, the commercial, you know? - when unexpected guests comes.. bla bla ,, never mind! :-) i always remember very useful stuff though :-)

Here are some photos, from first time we where at "dog heaven", yea yea, just dog pics i know :-) LOVE the tongue on second from end picture. <3

Quiet and beautiful

..... until the monster from Roarsvej come :-)

-What u want NOW? Am busy mum!
-Might be rabbits in here somewhere!!

-U got candy? No? Then am fecking not coming!!!

-Nope!! Still not coming! Am very stubborn!

-Whuuuu.... am flying!!

-Soooo much water.. so many waves & shadows!

-yea, he was ok ;-)

-Very stubborn pup THIS kids kids!

-ohh yea shake it baby! Shake it!

-i feel good!

-coolest chick on earth yeaaa me me! See you mum!

-Candy? Cool... am coming!!

-what? Go home? Are u for real?
We only been here 2 hrs, am not done!!!!

NOT done, SO NOT done!

naaat naaat!


C4Q & TT

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