Wednesday, July 2

Kjöttbullar, Footie, Volleyball & Beers!


Hope all is well.... here is ups and down but today a funny thing happen, or a few :-) forgetting to go off the Metro, lol, well i realised after a few stations but stil, silly me, i was in my own world of loud music in the hedset!

And jaaaaaaaa... mum and sis, I will put in pictures. Tomorrow :-) got some good ones from the lake other day, I wish I had someone to throw the stick and me taking the photos when Tess flyyyyyyyyyy out in the water, hard to do both things, lol.. took like 200 pics and can maybe use 10! Had the good office camera else it wouldn't been possible. Tomorrow mum,promise!

Ok, today I went to pick up lunch and the guys wanted “smorrebrod” typical Danish dish that probably are very good but I kind of don't like it, too much slimy things on. So I asked the lady, if she has anything else to go. Yea sure she says I got “kjöttbullar” lol she actually said that word witch is a very Swedish one indeed. I think in Denmark its more likely to be called frikadeller. Well I told her that am not the right person to offer “kjöttbullar” since am from Sweden and I really reeeeeeeeeally do amazing “kjöttbullar” lol.
SHE said- ohhh no mine are better.
I SAID_-ohhh no, that not possible.
OH yes she said...
I Said- OH nooooo
..ah well you get the picture :-)

Anyway I took something else, and when she packed everything she gave me an extra little packet. And said: -here is one of my “kjöttbullar” let me know what you think. I laughed and said cool, I will come here with one of MY awesome Kjöttbullar next time I make them. She said: deal.
And it was quite funny because it was a old lady up up for so much nonsense challenge. I will soon make “kjöttbullar” and go there and trust me- this battle she cant win!

OK, when I come home there where some guys standing outside talking, you know the cool, sporty type of guys in around 30 ish age, good looking.
I enjoyed the sight :-)


I wanted to play some footie with Tess, didn't have energy for long walk, have had some headache and shit so- footie it is! So in, changing cloths and shoes, disgusting grinders cap on, (I really need to consider washing it soon but Tess also kind of like it as it is :-) and who fuck cares really ) took the football, and Tess and went out.

Well here it got little silly, lol, cos I kind of felt I wanted the guys to be a bit surprised and believe it or not am quite good with a football, not running or that shit but just trixing and stuff. So I passed them having it under my arm, and they smiled a bit, yea yea,, so 30 m down the road I started to bounce the ball a bit and play with Tess, kicking and being just plain daft silly,. Nodding it and taking it down on my back, back kicking it to the front and then mess a around, lol, Who fuck cares. Tess had fun. Anyway, I hear one of the lads say surprisingly to the other to look, So I stooped and take it under my arm and kept on walking, Tess jumping on my side wanting the footie back. Sooooo.. then I got to my little park. And it didn't take many minutes until these boys where there, and Tess and I where playing our normal wacko game where she gets tons of yellow and red cards since she CHEATS!!!. yes she actually do, stupid dog. She steals the ball and run off and refuse to take it back to me!

Anyway, the lads join in!
Hehehe.. and we are kicking and messing around, its great fun and they are really nice lads. After a while Tess gets feed up and go to the other dogs, little puppie Trine was there and also Molly the monster, Morgan the notorious runner round round round, and little puppie Daisy (stupid name).

So the lads and I start to just for fun doing some volleyball between us, its four of us so soon we divide two and two and it gets more serious, lol, well we didn't have net but still a good fight and of course my team won. Well, Tess is feed up and wanna go home, silly girl, mum having so Fun! So we stop and walk back and they decided to leave as well, they had their car outside my home, two of them where brothers to a girl just moving in so they been there helping. They ask tons of questions how come am good with a footie and a volleyball, well. I ask back: why shouldn't I? -You mean because am big zize ? LOOOOL soooo funny, they dont know what to say, insecure men, worst i know, am just being a jerk really but with a smile, I don't think they will forget me at least) they say- ahh well yeaa.. welll hmm noo dont mean it like that but. Ahh hmm... bla bla bla.

Am laughing inside so much.

Anyway, it was really nice lads, we shared a beer in my backyard and the sister came out as well, very sweet thing with big very brown eyes. Water for Tess and beers for us :-) we talked, joked and had a good time, one of them where very fascinated by Tess, and she as usual took all chances in this world to steal the attention, this time by emptying her water bowl and throwing it up and down in the air, omg omg so silly she is! And then she comes to me with the bowl, like saying
- look its empty mum!
Yea?.. go figures!

Logged on and played a little, placed in sofa, with lap on knee, and Tess having her head very heay on my arm, very sweet and difficult, we took a seat to Boss 100 k in a satellite so okedoki.

Nat nat


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