Friday, May 18

Waterford, Ireland

My morning started with biting the filling of a tooth!! Really good timing eh? NOT. So noooo eating just drinking for the whole weekend I suppose!

Finally arriving at Dublin airport, delayed, missing my train to Waterford and starting to figure out a solution to how to sort that. A man waves me. He works for a rental car company and he waved me and said: you need a car?

Hmm well need and need but actually no bad idea so we started to talk and after realising he played poker and him taking a break to go and have coffee with me I ended up with very nice car and my only request was really: nice stereo, this chick plays loud! So, he gave me nice car for actually cheaper price then the train would have cost me back and forward and far quicker in time also. Weird, but he was a nice lad and am a nice girl so. =-) I normally get may way.

Okey. as we all know, in this country they drive on the other side of the road.. The first thing one sees sitting down in the car is a big sign on the panel:
OBS, drive on left side of road!

haha one have to laugh, like anyone renting a car NOT knowing that would believe that sign? I mean of they don't know that already would they believe that sign?

Okey. here we go, tuned in a nice station, turned it up and of we go and dammed, it was a nice car, a sporty model that is quick like a little rat! Well. said and done, out in the traffic and dammed this is huge city! But I managed and after a while I was cruising along M50 looking for signs to N7 Waterford, turned out well, feeling like a new born baby on slipper ice. Most tricky is the roundabouts, I mean one can get lost there even at home but this was so freaking odd. but I said to myself, ok anna panna as long as it feels totally wrong you know your doing right!

Last time I was in Ireland are almost exactly on the day 12 years ago driving down to Waterford I start to remember some funny things witch are : signs, and even remember I got 4 pages in a photo album at home with weird odd signs.

Guys!! This is the land of signs, one can really smile. I mean driving along a highway and it says no more sharp shoulders.. ok good to know that here don't live skinny people or what do they mean?

Or heavy plant crossing, I mean what do they really mean here? Heavy plants crossing the road? Palm trees?

Or this one warning blind people crossing Ehhhh? Come on.
old people crossing is another one.

And honestly the whole country are build of this signs, I could go on forever but wont, my sense of humour is a bit dry I know! So getting a bit hungry and fore most dying for a coffee I stop at Esso don't know with you guys but Esso is like flashback to when I where 5 yrs old. Anyway stopped there and wanted to visit ladies room before coffee, well, getting in there it's a big sign:
please flush toilet after using it Hmmm, well why does that sign even have to be there? It gets even creepier. on the back of the door it says:
Zink to wash hands outside to your left. LOOL, and I can add the toilet area where like the size of a very small small room so no chans missing it. But hey, am not complaining, thanks for the info Government of Ireland.

So standing there washing my hands I look up to watch my pretty face in the mirror but nope, no mirror, instead another sign: machine to dry hands behind you Now am seriously starting to think this is a someone making fun of me and i am watching for the hidden camera somewhere but ok I turn around to ue the air maschine, and guess what, above the machine it is another sign: Zink to wash hands are behind you Woot? ok like someone would go from toilette to dry hands first or what do they mean here? A little less mentally disturbed person then I could be here all day, wash hands, dry hands, wash hands, dry hands.

Got to Waterford and found my hotel straight on. Entering the lobby there are like loads of super freaking skinny tall very tall females, I swear some legs where from neck to floor!, Whats this?? And I automatically starting to look around for some signs that will explain it and oh yes reliable old Ireland, there it is:
Summer beach fashion show by top 25 Ireland models!

Jesus Christ! Talking about knocking ones feet of the earth eh? Wanting to take a quick shower but it started really bad, I mean there where NO signs, and the shower wasn't a walk in the park guys, it was a really tricky one OR I got spoiled by all signs. Anyway done and then out to the place where they tonight where hosting a super satellite to tomorrows event. 60 people playing and just lads, everyone stirred at me like I was an alien but after a couple of beers they realised I was human, little do they know am actually are more an alien then human.

Did play, figure better then being in my room. Funny structure, one rebuy if empty OR one add one, and if doing the rebuy you get 5000 and if doing an add on you get 10 000. My sweet cowboys couldn't hold up even so hitting my set and then pushed since my all in after flop got called by a moron with 910 hitting his straight on river so rebuy. and then first hand after break I look down at the famous hate hand JJ and small stack as I am considering all at my table did an add on of 10 000 I push All in and got called by AJ, with J of clubs,,,, board come with yes your right 4 clubs. I start to look around after the sign: complain corner but couldn't find any so I went to the bar and had some talks with some other poker morons.

Well starting to feel tired after a pretty long day and kind of a bit curious how my girls with the swimming fashion where holding up I turned back to my hotel, to find out that on the door into the pub by reception where a sign here you can buy beer Nice info, I mean unless someone mistakenly took it for a church or so.. The supermodels where nice and still very skinny and very tall but one of them got really drunk and did some kind of interesting hula hula tropic dance on top of the bar, pointless to say she got tipped pretty well! Guys are the same everywhere, and the man in the bar put a bucket on the disk with a ...YES of course A sign:
Tip here please

Anna panna Live Waterford may 2007

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