Saturday, May 19

End day 1 Ireland

About models: Its a myth that they don't eat, Jesus!!! Just had breakfast with a few of them and they eat like elephants! I changed some email addresses, but dammed they are tall.

Ah well the weather her is amazing, like July in Sweden. So starting with the emission taking money out, I look for signs for an ATM but no shit no signs!! Anyway find one and started to press 500 E, this machine can only withdraw maximum of 400 E, ok, I push 400;this machine can only withdraw maximum of 200 ok,; I press 200: this Machine,, ahhhh FFS write me a SIGN telling me how much I can withdraw!! I ended up taking out 50 E x20!

I mean a sign would do me good here ;-)

So I take a stroll down town to get some gifts, found a great football book about Pele;, always get English football books for M when traveling, hard to get English books in Sweden, M would be my ex husband, yea yea I know am a nice ex wife.

For myself, heheheh ALWAYS just one thing. Sunglasses!!! OMG OMG I got more of those then people got socks. But I need them since I always misplace them or break them. Found a freaking nice pair so now I have to take the car for a spin ;-) and look a bit cool playing Van Halen loud, true, they are for some unknown reason playing Van Halens JUMP all the time in radio, hmmmm dunnu why! Also I need to go out to a computer store so better get moving, and then meeting up with Derek around 13.00 our time here. And I did get one pair of glasses at Malmö airport and 2 more at Dublin, LOOOL, but don't worry I only buy junk one since I always misplace or break them anyway.

You guys cant imagine how fun it is so drive on the wrong side of the road; it really put your concentration on maximum and the adrenalin pumping. And the car is so nice ;-) and dark dark Grey, I regret now not having dinner with the lad then he might have got me a cabriolet!

Abut SIGNS: I forgot one yesterday, when driving on the bigger roads once in awhile it comes a sign, you are over speeding you got 4 penalty points OK OK sorry.. but hey, wait a minute how would they know, because it wasn't like a digital one, they just assume and I did some calculation on how often they appear and I think am about up to around 100 penalty points. Where do I go to get my penalty? Asked around and if you get 12 points they take your license and they got 4 cameras over the whole of Ireland working ;-) so narrrrrh not that worried!

Tournament started 20.30 Danish time.

OK overall with my game, lost two monster pots just before ending day one else I would been top 10 now am instead just above average. But blinds periods are 60 minutes and we still just on 150/300 with 50 ante and I got a bit over 20 000 so hopefully I can do something with it. Our table where great, everyone talking taking turns buying drinks, more like a friendly home game. The floor manager with speaker where ever so often at our table, wonders why!

There is a guy called John Miihn, he is famous here in this part of Ireland for being a bit crazy,, all tournament every 30 minutes floor manager says in the speaker, -WOOW John Miihn still in.

Fact is, John Miihn has not yet arrived. Thats why he is still in!

So 5 hours 28 minutes in the tournament John Miihn arrives, everyone applauds and whistling. He is left with 10 700, and average are 21 300, he is BB straight up and goes all in!! Getting called and get busted, he stand up waves, every one goes crazy and then he goes home!

Funny man! I mean it did cost 550 Euro to buy in..............

Well our comments and replay around the table makes the 9 hrs play feel like nothing and our tables is pretty intact, a few new players arrive but 5 of us sit there all troughs those 9 hours.

But not an easy table to stack up, chips goes back and forward.
Today is a new day and I got a tourney to play!!
Need to double up pretty fast but I will, I will..

Game resuming in just some hour so need to get ready.

Cheers from me
Anna panna

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