Wednesday, July 1

I blame my neighbour

Bloody Air condition on Casino made me sick... fever and pain in my throat, and BUBBLE, Jesus!! As one of the things isn't enough! And i was so unbelievable hungover both Sunday and Monday so that gotta stop! The hungover i mean ....

A tip: Dragonara serve breakfast to 20:00 and its freaking fabulous marvelous as kicking good! My table order it for me to the break. Along with a big beer! What can i say, my old poker dudes there likes me!

And is it really ok to drink 2 bottles of wine per day?
And 3 nights a week get totally blaaaaastered?

Changes panna changes.. but when?
IMO ..Its too hot now to stand it sober and in winter its too cold! -so wooooooooot?

Actually i blame my neighbor, she walks her dog pass my place every evening and i thought instead of me getting up opening the doorbuzzzer all the time, i gave her keys its very handy indeed, she comes in shout 'haloooo chicka' down to my computer room where i most times are, goes to fridge opening a bottle of vine take two glasses, pull the power cord to my pc and says: enough, balcony, with me. Now!

I really love her ....a lot!
But we have negotiated about the power to the PC as its a bit hard IMO so now i instead stand up straight i her that halloo, and if i don't, she give me some warning. Thanks, most appreciated.

I had a wooden group of table and chairs on my balcony but its was not my idea really, its not that big and besides they where not very uncomfortable and i figure if one BBQ one can just as well sit at the dining table 1 m inside the balcony door so i throw that group out, got a chill sofa and two cozy chairs instead... my sweet landlady had this group in her summer house in Meliha but wanted to throw it, hmmm well when she said that i got little superstitious, she is NOT the throwing type so i though - how do they look?

But its ok, not new ofc, but the better then one can PARTY LIKE a ROCKSTAR and play 'luftguitarr' standing in them. You might not believe this, but am pretty sure if you ask the people on this street i make an awesome Smoke on the water and ABBA's Waterloo to singalong program. Well anyway, i think its absolutley bloody awesome, Milena is a bit more skeptic, but HEY, not everyone can sing like her FFS!

One thing though, am quite tolerant with colors, only one i cant stand is light blue, arghhhh yes ofc the pillows in sofa are light blue, but i will track down someone who can make me new covers, at least i got a sofa! Found some nice groups of furniture but they where all to big so this is okedoki and for free- me like !

Saturday we had a Salsa night, a bit spontaneous, and that's the best! Spontaneous Utz Utz are the best ones, everyone knows this, its not a life NASA secret. However, I might consider leaving my camera home, I don't know what happen but my mistake probably I hit the video function on it, so well just let say its not gooood!

Annefrid & Frida

Frida & Annefrid

And I realized they actually on purpose neglect hitting on the air condition on Fuegos! Salsa should be hot, sweaty and slimy .. obvious logic since people also buy more drinks then. NH GG WP

We also had a great night celebrating Junior! I can for my life dont understand why he even concider playing SS&P omg... Junior can we have some tactic thoughts behind this, too me it seems like a typcial strategi made by Sir alex ' in the end of the day' Ferguson who trains those scums. Keep your day job mate, SS&P will never make you anything but drunk

Night night

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